What Should Be Included in Your Renovation Checklist?

What Should Be Included in Your Renovation Checklist?

Never underestimate a renovation project. No matter how small or big the alterations may be, you still need to prepare and plan for it. This is the best way for you to avoid unnecessary waste of time, energy, and money. Moreover, to ensure that no unexpected or unforeseen delays and expenses will happen, here is the list of things and factors to be included when preparing for a renovation project.

Set Your Budget or Renovation Project Fund

Set your Budget or Renovation Project Fund

When setting a renovation project fund, you have to prepare this at least six (6) months from your target start date. As a matter of fact, it is much better and is highly recommended if you start saving your funds a year before the renovation starts. That way, you will have a more options and choices with the styles and designs that you want when you start renovating.

Another factor that should be included when preparing your budget for your renovation is the materials that will be used. The more complex the alteration in the design, the more material will be used. Hence, it is important to list all the materials and their cost.

The cost of manpower should also be included in your renovation plan. Normally, the professionals that you will need when it comes to renovation are interior designers, architects, contractors, and sometimes, in cases of a major renovation, registered builders. However, you may opt to choose some of the renovation works that you think you can finish yourself in order for you to save money. But bear in mind that quality works by these professionals are of utmost importance, especially if you want your home to look the way you have imagined it to be.

Lastly, you must always remember that not everything goes your way. There will always be setbacks and delays, even if you have a well-organized plan. Hence, there is a need for you always to add and allocate at least 20% of your fund to unexpected costs. This will lessen the stress as well as the overspending once an unfortunate setback occurs. It is recommended that you consult first a professional on this, or you may research for reviews and opinions of homeowners, which enumerate the issues and problems they have encountered during the renovation.

Hire or at Least Consult a Professional

Hire or at least Consult a Professional

Hiring professionals is recommended, especially for those who will be doing major renovation projects. This is to ensure a successful renovation where all your designs and ideas are integrated into it. Some homeowners, especially those with the skills, capability, and talent, just consult a professional and choose to do the renovation themselves. But most homeowners hire professionals, and some even hire a team.

When hiring a team or consulting an expert, your first concern and probably the most important of all is if they listen to your ideas, likes and dislikes, and suggestions regarding the style you want in the renovation process. As a matter of fact, they should not only listen to what you like but also to execute willingly what you want. After all, you are the one who is going to live in your home.

Second, you should know who to hire. If the renovations require major modification, you may need to consider hiring an experienced builder. This is to ensure that your home has the capacity to take all the major modifications it will undergo. If you cannot oversee the renovation works yourself, you may take the services of a professional architect. Architects are really good when it comes to overseeing and managing big projects. Another expert that you may want to include in your renovation project is an interior designer.

Also, if you chose to hire professionals, it is better for you to do some background research on them to make sure that your payment to their service will not go to waste. List at least three references, preferably their previous clients, to attest to their competency in their selected field of expertise. In addition to this, it is also recommended for you to interview several experts before choosing to work with one of them. This way, you will assess their competency and their working relationship with you once the renovation project begins.

Set Your Timeline

Set your Timeline

The duration of your renovation project may take longer than necessary if you do not set a timeline. If this happens, this will greatly affect the carefully budgeted fund that you may have prepared. Therefore, setting a starting date and the date of accomplishment is a must that should be included in your checklist. In this case, you must include the decision of your chosen team of professionals. Set up a meeting with them and make sure that the timeline of your renovation is included in your agenda.

Moreover, when setting a timeline for renovation projects, you must consider the number of project portions and the duration of time that each portion will need to be complete. In addition to this, you must also take into consideration the holidays as well as the off days that your team may enjoy.

Another factor to be included in your renovation timeline is the purchasing, shipping as well as delivery of your materials. Each should have their own set timeline or duration. And lastly, include the schedule of cleaning once the project has finished. Sorting and cleaning definitely take time, especially in major renovations; thus, the need for it to be listed in your renovation checklist.

Prepare for an Alternate Space


When planning to renovate, always choose an alternate space for you to use once the portion is under construction. For example, if you are having a major renovation in your kitchen, you will need to prepare another space where you can clean while the kitchen is still under construction. There are even some homeowners who chose to leave their house during the renovation in order to avoid the usual humdrum and disturbances that major projects bring.

Preparation of an alternate space should begin two (2) to (3) months before the start of your renovation project. Pack for the necessary stuff and move some needed furniture if possible. You should remember that aside from finding an alternate space for you and your family, you should also prepare a storage room for the stuff and furniture which will be moved during the construction. This is to ensure that no irreparable damage will be done to your things.

However, if you are planning to leave your house, then finding another place to stay should be included in your renovation checklist. Just make sure that you will feel comfortable in your chosen alternate space for you to last the duration of your renovation project.

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