Adding A Second Story to Your Home, Worth It or Not?

Adding A Second Story to Your Home, Worth It or Not?

In general, a home is a place for comfort, peace, and relaxation. But all these three are usually disrupted once the family starts to grow in number or when some issues start to ignite within the place. Thus, there are people who resort to buying a new home while some opt to expand their house, whether vertically or horizontally. In today’s trend, however, most individuals or families choose to expand their house vertically because of its several benefits. But is adding a second story worth it? Or not? Here is a number of insightful information that may influence your answers to this question.

Is Adding A Second Story Worth Spending Your Money On?

Basically, adding a second story to your house instead of buying a new one is more practical and affordable. Why? This is because you already have an existing house with an established foundation and structure. Thus, you will spend less on materials. This is especially the case when you only add your second level on one part of your house, such as the kitchen or the garage. Also, it will be cheaper for you if you are just adding another upper level using the same roof. This can be done by severing the existing roof from the edges of your first level and lifting it off while the new story is being framed. There is the so-called modular design where the new second story will be built on a separate site. Once the second story is finished and fully built, it will be brought back and will be attached to the existing house.

Is Adding A Second Story Worth Spending Your Money On

On the other hand, this does not mean that you will spend a minimum amount of money on adding a second story to your home. You will still need a huge budget if you are planning to add another level to your house, but it will be cheaper than buying and designing a new home. You can seek a professional advice and ideas on the cost of adding a second story to make sure that the project is within your budget. There are also online sites that offer assessment and estimate services that you can visit. They will help you calculate the necessary expenses needed to complete your project.

Is Adding A Second Story Worth Space?

As a general opinion, adding a second story saves space than expanding horizontally. When expanding horizontally, this usually takes space from your yard, garden, or side patios. As compared to expanding vertically, where you only need to make sure that the foundation of your house can bear the added weight of a new level. To make sure that your house is safe for an additional story, you may ask for an evaluation from a structural engineer. Also, there are some localities where an inspector may check up on your house foundation before issuing an approval for the vertical expansion. In addition to this, you also need to consider building code in your locality before expanding upward. Certain areas provide a restriction on the height of houses in their neighborhood. However, if you see that most of your neighbors have second-story levels, then there is no need for such fuss since it indirectly answers your inquiry.

 Is Adding A Second Story Worth Space

Another downside of adding a second story to your house is that although it saves outdoor space, it may take some space inside your house since a stairway will be ultimately built in it. To maximize your space inside the house, consulting an architect regarding space-saving stairway design is the best idea to address the issue. But on the other side of the coin, if you love gardening, or if you do not want to sacrifice a piece of space in your yard, then adding a second story to your house is definitely worth it.

Is It Worth Giving Up Your Creative Structural Designs And Preference?

Bear in mind that if you decide on adding a second story level to your home, you will need to match the designs and structure of the existing house and the new story level. This is to provide a pleasing and harmonious proportion to your house. Hence, you will be limited in your design ideas and preferences.

 Is It Worth Giving Up Your Creative Structural Designs And Preference

As a general rule, the added second story should be similar to the original house. This will include matching the windows, doors, roof, floors, and other added parts. This is the limit which is not present if you are going to design a new house. However, some experts advise that it is not a requirement to match everything up to the smallest details. Some suggest that if the design of an existing house is impossible to imitate, then tying things together by ensuring the same color and overall ambiance should suffice. Another significant note from some experts in this field is that if it is impossible to match everything, then at least make the old level or the original house stand out from the upper level.

Therefore, adding a second story is only worth it if you are only aiming for a simple and humble design that will stick to your home’s original structure. However, if you want grander designs, then expanding upwards should not be your choice.

Is It Worth Keeping Your Place And Not Exploring New Areas?

Is It Worth Keeping Your Place And Not Exploring New Areas

The consequence of adding a second story to your house is that you will have to stay in the same neighborhood. For most of us, location is everything. Having a safe and peaceful neighborhood is a blessing. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone, especially those with problems or issues in their areas. Thus, if you have some issues with your neighborhood which has never been settled, then you might consider finding another house instead of expanding upwards.

However, if the neighborhood you are currently in is the place where you grew up or is a place where you feel safe and comfortable, then adding a second story is worth it. This way, you will be sure to go back home safely every day and with no worries.


The worthiness of adding a second story to your house depends on your budget, space-saving ideas, planned designs, and your location or your neighborhood. Hence, if all your answers are yes in the questions provided above, then adding a second story is worth it. Some factors that may affect your decision may not have been discussed in this article. However, it still all boils down to whether or not you will be comfortable with the decision you made or not.

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